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Scientific name: Tetra peura tetraptera
Common name: Aridan
Local name: Prekese
Family name: Mimisaceae
Description: A deciduous tree 6-30 high, bark smooth to rather rough, grey or brown, young branchlets glabrous with petiole leaves.

Habitat: It is found in river rain and secondary forests.
Part Used: Fruit, bark, leaves, pulp, roots, etc
Active ingredients: Rich in sugars, tannins, coumarin, scopoletin, aridanin, magnesium, potassium, iron, phosphorus, vitain c etc
Orthodox (Use): It has anti-inflammatory and hypoglycemia properties. It controls cholesterol levels. Controls hypertension, treat bilharza, enhances healing of production of breast milk. Enhances healing reproductive wounds. Scent used as perfume. It is used as condiment. Flavor in beverages.