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Scientific Name: Piper guineense
Common names: Black pepper, Guinea cubebs
Local name: Soro wusa, sesaa, (Ewe)-Atsinkali
Family name: Piperaceae
Description: A climber up to 12m high on trees, climbing by means of adventitious rootlets etc.

Habitat: It occurs in closed forests on trees in forest clearings.
Part Used: seeds, leaf. Twig.
Chemical constituents: Volatile oil; alkaloids; piperine, wisanine dihydrowisanine, dihydropiperine and related alkaloids, resin, lignans-dihydrocubebin, sesamin, aschantin.
Uses: for the treatment of coughs, bronchitis and rheumatism; the powdered drug is insect repellent and insecticidal, fruit as spice. Antiviral use in confectionery.
NB: There are two varieties. The one collected from the wild is piper guineense while the cultivated type is piper nigrum which is accepted mostly in the international market as spice.