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Scientific Name: Xylopia aethiopica
Common Names: Guinea pepper, Negro pepper, Ethiopian pepper etc.
Local Name: Hwentea
Family: Annonaceae
Description: A tree up to 15m high; bark slightly ridged; leaves oblong – lanceolate, rounded base, acuminate apex, glaucous etc.

Habitat or Geographical Distribution: Occurs in fringing and deciduous forests, in clearings, sometimes cultivated in home gardens and solid in markets.
Parts Used: Mostly seed, also stem bark and root bark.
Chemical Constituents: Volatile Oil (oleo-resin); monoterpenoids (B-pinene, terpinone, cuminic aldehyde, cineole); diterpenoids (xylopic acid other Kaurane, trachylobane and kolavane diterpenes).
Uses: Carminative and stimulant; additive to other remedies. Extract has antifungal and broad spectrum antibiotic action due to xylopic acid.