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Scientific name: Picralimma nitida
Common name: Picralima or Akuamma
Family name: Apocynaceae
Description: Tree or shrub; 4-35mm high, crown dense, trunk 5-60m diameter, cylindrical, wood very hard with petiolate leaves.
Habitat: It is found in rain forest understory.

Part used: Seeds, bark
Active ingredients: Akuammine, an indolle alkaloid, akuammidine and up-akuammigine, picrantine, picrantidine, akuammigine, picratidine, akuammicine.
Uses: For the treatment of malaria, and diarrhea as a painkiller. Treatment of hernia and stomach disorders. It is antipyretic, anti-inflammatory and analgesic. For the treatment of protozoal diseases.