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Scientific name: Griffonia simplicifolia
Common name: Griffonia
Local name: kagya, atootoo, poopoo (twi) kadudu (fanti), gbogbotri (ewe)
Family: Caesalpinaceae
Description: Griffonia is a vine that could reach a height of over 50m on all trees, but in low savannah and coastal areas, the height is around 4m.

Habitat: It is found in forests, high savannah and coastal belts and on ant-hills.
Part used: Seed
Folklore use: the vine is a good chew stick while the dried leaves treats baldness of the head.
Active ingredients: SHTP (5hydroxy tryptaphan)
Uses: Relieves anxiety (anti-depressant). Enhances sleep. Suppresses appetite. Treats obesity. Works around the (serotonin) of the brain.