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Scientific name: Desmodium adscendens
Common name: Bush groundnut, spider’s groundnut
Local names: Akwanfanu, Aanase nkatea (twi), Nwomenle Ahule (nzema), Azibe, Anyigba-Zi (Ewe).

Description: Straggling undershrubs sometimes prostrate; slender stems roots at nodes and internodes, branching at nodes, leaves compound trifoliate etc.
Habitat: Occurs in moist, shaded places in forest areas on cultivated land especially along foothpaths and cocoa farms.
Chemical constituents: Alkaloids, B-phenethlamine derivatives, N, N-dimethyltryptamine salsoline; saponin. Soyasaponin I and III, soyassapogenol B and E.
Uses: Anti asthmatic (for treatment and prevention)b for treating abdominal colic, diarrhea and dysmenorrhea. Galactogogue. Has anti-asthmatic properties; has an anti-allergic activity.