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Scientific name: Adansonia digitata
Common name: Baobab
Local name: (Ewe) adzido, alagbatsi
Family name: Bombacaceae
Description: It is a big savannah tree growing up to 30m with trunk base.
Habitat: it is found in hot, dry savannah growing in solitary individualism.

Part used: Bark, fruit pulp, seed, leaves.
Active ingredients: Has twice much calcium as milk, anti-oxidants, iron and potassium, has 6 times the vitamin c of an orange, sugars.
Uses: The leaves are potherbs and also eaten as relish. Fruit and used as beverage. Seed produce edible oil. Baobab fruit used as ingredient in smoothies and cereal bars. Bark used as fibre marcerated for ropes, harness, fishing lines, nets, baskets. Soap can be made from the ash of the burnt pods. It is called the “tree of life”.