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Scientific name: Carissa edulis
Common name: Simple-spine Carissa
Family: Apocynaceace
Description: It is a spiny, much branched, small tree, shrub or scrambler, up to 5m length with a milky sap.
Habitat: it is found throughout tropical Africa.

Part used: Root
Active Ingredient: Carissin (twigs) contain quebrachtol and cardioglycosides that are useful as an anthelmintic against tapeworm.
Uses: Useful in the treatment of cancer, also for glandular inflammation, veneral diseases, to restore virility, to treat gastric ulcers, and as an expectorant, for treating malaria, for the treatment of headache, chest complains, gonorrhea, syphilis and as a diuretic (rheumatism). It has antiviral activities and at the same time aphrodisiac.