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Scientific name: Mondia whitei
Common name: White’s ginger, tonic root
Local name: Asase hwam
Family name: Periiplocaceae (Apocynaceae)
Description: It is a perennial, wood, rather robust and vigorous climber that grows from a large tuberous rootstock. The roots are aromatic and apparently tastes like ginger or liquorice etc.
Habitat: It is found in coastlands and midlands and of dry forests.

Part used: Roots and leaves
Active Ingredients: Vitamins A,D,K and E and mineral magnesium, iron, zinc, calcium and protein.
Uses: Used as an antiacid and to treat indigestion. It is tonic to stimulate appetite. It is used for the treatment of anorexia and bilharzia. Fits in children and stress and tension in adults are apparently also treated with Mondia whitei. The roots are an aphrodisiac and for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and impotence. Grounded roots used in making tea that is used in treatment of general pains and aches. The dried leaves are powdered and mixed with food and taken daily supplement. Other uses include the treatment of hypertension, stroke, anemia, asthma, hangover, mastitis and allergies. It is also taken to improve sleep, enhance urination, ease birth pains and as mouth refresher and toothbrush. The leaves serve as animal fodder and are consumed by humans as vegetables. The bitter tasting roots have a vanilla odour and sweet after-taste and are used to make a beverage similar to ginger beer. In West Africa, the roots are used to make an energizing drink for wedding parties when the roots are brewed in alcohol. It’s also for the treatment of tract infections.